Midweek Manicure // GELLED LED Nail Kit

October 28, 2015

I’ve always been intrigued by gel nails and their beautifully shiny finish and promise to last a good couple of weeks without showing any chips or sign of wear. I’ve never treated myself and gone to get them done however as it’s always seemed like a luxury which my poor bank balance could really do without indulging in. So when I was contacted by High Street TV to ask if I’d like to try the GELLED LED Nail Kit* which allows you to do your own gel nails at home I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Could this be the answer to beautiful gelled nails on a budget?!


The GELLED manicure kit is a one step system for easy gel manicures, with no need for base and top coats – meaning less fuss and speedier results. The kit comes with everything you need to get you going – a nail buffer, two gel polishes – in the shades Party Red and Nearly Nude – an orange stick and some foils for removing your polish, and of course the all important LED lamp, which I was surprised to see is USB powered so is really portable and light.


I couldn’t wait to get started and followed the instructions, beginning my manicure by ensuring I had clean bare nails and buffed them using the soft side of the included nail buffer to give a nice smooth surface. I then plugged my LED light into my laptop, painted on a thin layer of Nearly Nude and cured it under the light for 60 seconds. A couple of my nails were still slightly tacky where I’d painted unevenly so I popped them under for a second time until completely set. I then painted a second light coat and re-cured until this layer was completely dry.


I was so thrilled with the results! Not only did my nails look amazingly glossy and smooth but they also felt really strong and healthy. I have really weak nails that flake and break very easily, so it was amazing to have them feel really structured and set. Hurrah! Nearly Nude is an absolutely stunning shade – perfect for every occasion! It’s slightly mauve tinted so looks really sophisticated and I got so many compliments whilst wearing it. 




Party Red is also gorgeous. I don’t tend to wear red nails often as I feel it doesn’t really suit me – I’m much more campy than vampy – but loved how this looked! It is a beautifully raspberry toned red which looks incredibly glossy and really eye catching. I can’t wait to wear this at Christmas!




So how did the GELLED LED nails last? 

I was really impressed! I had a couple of nails which sadly bubbled and peeled off very quickly, but this was definitely down to me not curing them properly and layering the polish too thick. Make sure you use thin layers and get all the edges locked in guys! Once I got the hang of the curing, my nails lasted pretty well. Certainly the nails that I did set right lasted really well, and much longer than my regular nail polishes.


I actually found the polishes clung and lasted a little two well – they were so hard to remove! I followed the instructions of using the rough buffer to remove the top layer and shine off the polish and then soaked and wrapped the foil removal pads around my nails for 10 minutes, but still the polish didn’t really budge. In the end I had to use the harsh buffer and a lot of rubbing with nail polish to remove it. Sadly this undid all feelings of strength which the kit had given my nails whilst the polish was in place, and my nails were left very weak and bendy, and actually quite sensitive in some places where I really had to scrub at the polish. Sad face! As I said my nails are very weak usually though so whether someone with healthier nails would suffers the same way I’m not sure.

The difficulty to remove the polish hasn’t put me off using the GELLED LED Nail Kit  however, as the finish is so pretty. I’m going to pick up some acetone based nail polish which I think will likely help the removal process and I will also make sure I give my nails a good few days without polish to recover and re strengthen once the gels have been removed. 

I’m really pleased with my first foray into gel nails and think the GELLED LED Nail Kit is fantastic for those on a budget or don’t have much time to go and get gels done professionally. It would also make an awesome Christmas gift! The kit includes everything you need, is really quick and easy to use, and both colours included are very pretty and wearable. The kit can be bought at Highstreettv.com for £39.95, which is really affordable. You can buy extra colours too. I’ve got my eye on the white polish, which is my favourite colour to wear in the summer, and the Pop Pop Neon multi pack, which look really bright and fun. 

Have you tried any at home gel nail kits before?

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*Thanks so much to High Street TVfor inviting me to try out their GELLED LED Nail Kit. All thoughts are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.

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  1. Pam Scalfi says:

    oh this is cool! I'm a massive fan of how gel nails look, but I agree, removing is the worse part! This is actually quite affordable! Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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