Midweek Manicure // Wilko Monochrome Grid Nail Wraps

April 29, 2015

I went back to my parents house at the weekend and whilst there I popped into Wilko’s, which is a real treat for me as they don’t have any in central London (it’s the little things in life eh?!) I’m on a spending ban until payday (my bank accounts choice, not mine!) but couldn’t resist picking up these cute monochrome grid patterned nail wraps for just £1.


I’m a big fan of nail wraps as they’re a really easy way to jazz up your nails. I love white nails and thought the black grid design on these ones was really cool, and I’d never get them looking this neat if I tried to draw it on my own nails!



The wraps were super easy to apply – just peel and stick them to your own nails and then file off the excess. They also had a good level of stickiness too, as I’ve tried some which are so sticky they get stuck to the finger holding the wrap rather than the nail of another finger, or not sticky enough so they just slide about on the nail. These held in place nicely and didn’t jiggle about whilst filing the ends off.


I did find a couple of my nails were too small for the wraps to fit nicely, other than the tiniest wraps which I needed for my pinkies. I also found the wraps started to unstick slightly at the corners of some nails too. Next time I would definitely put a topcoat over these bad boys straight away to stick them down better (though the instructions don’t include this step). A couple of the stickers actually came off completely when I washed and dried my hands, so hopefully a slick of topcoat would help prevent this too, as I had to reapply them. Ain’t nobody got time for that!



Overall I think these nail wraps looks really cool on my nails and are fab for wearing in the sunshine we’ve been having. They’re not the best lasting nail wraps in the world and I would definitely add a top coat when wearing them next time to make them last longer, but for £1 you can’t complain too much! I will definitely be picking up some more designs next time I go to a Wilko’s!

Have you tried anything from Wilko’s beauty range?

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3 responses to “Midweek Manicure // Wilko Monochrome Grid Nail Wraps”

  1. Jasmin Charlotte says:

    These look really cool! Plus such a bargain, not the end of the world if you need to buy a couple packs to last you! x Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Sara • EAST OF SIAM says:

    These look so complicated and chic, surprised that it was so easy. Would love to have this manicure. xeastofsiam.blogspot.com

  3. Tara B says:

    They look amazing. I'll have to have a gander next time I'm in Wilkos! http://beewritesx.blogspot.com

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