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September 26, 2014

I am all about trying to find the positive in life – we only get to live it once so why spend it bringing yourself down with negative energy and miserable thoughts?! Obviously this isn’t always easy but I do try and find the little glimmer of glitter which lies behind every grey day! The fabulously fizzy folk at Freixenet* also love the little things in life and have challenged us bloggers to writing down our favourite #LittleThings which make our days better.

Freixenet have put together this hilariously amazing video to show their favourite #LittleThings – I defy anyone to watch this and not laugh out loud and agree with all of these!

Here are the #LittleThings which make my day better:

1) Getting the last seat on the tube

The smug smile that fills my face as I realise I won’t have to make the 20 minute ride to work standing up keeps me buoyed up from 9-5!

2) When the 11am munchies come a-knocking and I go to the shop to find I have JUST the right amount of change in my purse to buy that all important bag of Frazzles

Bacon flavoured crisps and no more change-laden, heavy purse means smiles all round!

3) Sitting in the park at lunch time and getting up only to have a pigeon poo exactly where I was sitting 3 seconds previously

Being pooped on is supposed to be lucky but it certainly doesn’t feel like it when it happens to you! No thanks Mr Pigeon, better luck next time!

4) Dropping your iPhone on the hard wooden floor as you start to feel too tired to function in the post lunch slump at work… Only to pick it up and find your screen isn’t smashed to smitherines HURRAH!!

Literally the most heart stopping and jaw dropping moment EVER! The near tears of joy and constant screen-stroking that come afterwards are entirely justified! 

5) Continuing your clumsy state at after-work drinks as you knock your glass of Freixenet, only to catch it just before it spills everywhere! 

Again – all the relief!! No one likes to spill and waste a drink, especially over your suede shoes / white shirt /  boss!

6) Getting to the bus stop, just as your bus comes along

Waiting is never fun and the sheer joy that overtakes me as I time my busing just right surprises even me!

Other lovely #LittleThings which make my day include saying thank you to the bus driver (manners cost nothing, yet a positive attitude spreads lots of little rays of joy!) seeing how much my dough rises when I bake bread (satisfying and delicious!) and seeing my bestie’s miniature sausage dog (so much cuteness!)

What are the #LittleThings that make your day better?

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PS – As it’s a Friday, here’s another pic of little Satchmo the Sausage Dog! 😀

*Thank you Freixenet for inviting me to be part of your #LittleThings campaign, and for sending me some lovely sparkling wine to celebrate the #LittleThings in life!

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4 responses to “Lifestyle // Freixenet #LittleThings”

  1. New Girl in Toon says:

    This made me smile 🙂 Luckily I walk home from work now but back in my London days I lived in zone 3 so had a 40 min journey on the tube so every evening it was my absolute mission to get a seat. I was soooo good at it too :DChloe

  2. Sarah Smiles says:

    I absolutely love this post. It really made me smile and made me think about the little things that made me happy! Gorgeous post :)Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  3. Cat Fyson says:

    Awwww Satchmo is the cutest 🙂 Getting the last seat on the tube must feel AMAZING…wheneverI go to London I always end up standing. x

  4. Simply Davelyn says:

    Your dog is too cute!

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