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June 23, 2014

I am sadly one of those people that is always always on my phone. Seriously if aliens came down to Earth and based their opinions on the human race purely by observing me, they’d be forgiven for thinking that all humans come with a little white rectangle at the end of their right hand. I was recently contacted by Mr Nutcase to see if I would like to design and create my own custom iPhone case to keep my favourite gadget safe and stylish while  I call / text / tweet / Instagram / Facebook / blog / online-shop away. Yes please! 


Mr Nutcase let you pick and create whatever design you want and have it printed on a variety of styles of phone case for all major phone brands and models. I decided to go for the Ultra Light Weight Slimline Case* as I like to keep my iPhone quite svelte and sleek (although I was very tempted by the Executive Flip Leather Style one to keep the screen protected too!) You can choose to create collages of several pictures (including their own stock images, or photos from your collection) and can also change the background colour / pattern and add text too. The website is super easy to use and guides you through every step of the way. Simples! 

I decided to keep it nice and simple and go for one big photo across the whole back of the case. I wanted something nice and bright and colourful now that summer is here, and thought what better summery image than one of me in front of the Glastonbury sign, taken at the festival a couple of years ago?! I didn’t get tickets for this years either, so thought it would be a nice way to feel involved whilst watching it from my living room!! Sad times!


I couldn’t wait for my phone case to arrive and when it did 5 days after ordering I was so impressed! The colours are really clear and bright, I thought they might look slightly duller than in the original picture but they’re not at all. I’m glad I chose a big picture as I think due to the nature of the plastic it is printed on, smaller more intricate images may get a blurred / some of the definition may get lost.


The case fits my iPhone nice and snugly so it feels protected without being bulky. The sides are clear which I wasn’t sure about at first but really liked as soon as I put to on, as it lets the pretty silver detailing of my phone shine through. It also makes my phone look even thinner and smaller than my old phone case did which had block colour all the way around.


Now obviously I don’t want to test the strength of my case by dropping my phone, but it does seem pretty sturdy and the plastic is certainly a lot thicker and resistant feeling than some plastic cases I have previously bought online. I like that the sides are slightly higher than the thickness of the phone, so if I dropped it face down the case would hit the floor and not the precious touch screen. Haha I’m actually getting a little bit nervous even typing about possibly breaking my iPhone – please don’t ever break please don’t ever break!!!! The case also comes with a free screen protector which can be stuck on for extra security. I must remember to do this!!!


The Ultra Light Weight Slimline personalised phone case is usually £14.99 and can be bought at At first I thought this price was a little bit steep for a plastic based cover, but it seems to be the typical price for such a personalised case, and it’s really cool to be able to customise it to be unique. I think it would also make a fab gift for someone as presents are always better when they’re personalised I think!

The generous folk at have also said that you lovely lot can have a 10% discount on your own phonecase – just use the code “Thanku10

What design would you choose on your phone case? 

*Thank you to for sending me a free phone case to review, as well as a discount code for the readers of All thoughts are honest and my own. Please see my Disclaimer page for more information. 

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