The Book of Mormon – Prince of Wales Theatre

July 9, 2013

The Musical of Amazingness

As you may have seen as part of my 30 Day Snap challenge posts, last week I went to see The Book of Mormon. Now I’m not a huge fan of South Park (shock horror I know!) but have seen and loved Jerry Springer the Opera and Avenue Q, so was really looking forward to some outrageously hilarious theatre! I was not disappointed!



The Book of Mormon is a real riot of a show, full of big bold costumes, fantastic sets, epic chorus routines and of course, absolutely OUTRAGEOUS humour! The actors all had such amazing energy, it literally radiated around the audience, and there was a real buzzing atmosphere in the theatre.


The storyline was really funny, engaging and very tongue in cheek! It was a good laugh and often very sarcastic, which I really enjoy. The Book of Mormon is a religious satire and follows young Mormons Elder Price and Elder Cunningham as they embark on a journey to Uganda to complete their 2 year missionary period. Elder Price is the All-American Mormon hero; preppy, handsome and with more enthusiasm than you could shake a cheer stick at! His ultimate dream is to be sent to Orlando where he can spread the Mormon teachings and do “something incredible”! Elder Cunningham on the other hand is a classic Jonah Hill-type, who is a frequent disappointment to his family, and to Elder Price when the two get paired to go to Uganda together! Both actors were absolutely amazing! Gavin Creel (Elder Price) was so energetic and enthusiastic; his megawatt smile was contagious. Jared Gertner really stole the show with perfect comic timing, and wonderfully portrayed the endearingly awkward and clueless Elder Cunningham.


The ensemble movements and dances are all so slick and well rehearsed, it was a real treat to watch, and also served to emphasise (and I suppose, mock!) the rigid Mormon upbringing Elder Price and Elder Cunningham experienced. It’s shows like this that really make me wish I lived in a musical, or at least was talented enough to perform in them!

The Book of Mormon is a great production to see if you like a really upbeat, fun show, but find generic musicals a bit too saccharine. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some ticket offers to take my boyfriend – he would love it! Probably won’t be taking Mummy Pickle though…..

Have you been to see The Book of Mormon?  What did you think?


xx emsypickle xx

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2 responses to “The Book of Mormon – Prince of Wales Theatre”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I went to see this on Tuesday! It was fantastic and I've been humming the songs ever since! Good luck with the blog, it looks great. I found you on blogger bunch's blog hop. I'm at Hannah x

    • Emsypickle says:

      Thanks Hannah! Glad you like my blog! I know, I can't get "You and me but mostly me" out my head haha! I'm realy enjoying following your blog and taking part in the blog hop, it's such a great way to discover new blogs and meet new bloggers 🙂

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