Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Valentine's Day // Personalised Presents from Cheerz

February is here which mean that, like it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Finding the perfect gift can be quite hard, particularly if you're buying for a guy who's not into overly pink and lovey dovey stuff! Well Cheerz has the answer - their Valentine's Day photo sets let you print your favourite photos in either Polaroid style or photo booth strips and they can be personalised to be as romantic (or not) as you want them to be.


I wrote about Cheerz a couple of months back when reviewing their gorgeous white square photo frame which I absolutely LOVED! So I was very excited when they got in touch to tell me about their special Valentine's Day range which is out now! Their two products which are looking to help you get personal this Valentine's Day are the Love Strips (which are photo booth style pics) and Love Cheerz Box (which are Polaroid style). To create both products you simply go online and select the photos you'd like to have printed from your social media accounts or your computer. You can also play around with the order they appear, edit them, change the colours of the borders or even add text in a variety of fonts. Cool eh! It was so much fun picking out all the pictures - going for a mixture of photos of the two of us, with friends and family and a couple of pretty scenic images taken from our travels.


I decided to keep things nice and simple as Tony's not really the romantic type and I wanted something we could use and display all year round without looking like we'd forgotten to take down our Valentine's decorations. I chose to keep nice, clean white borders on all of my photos so we could display them at al times and so they'd go wherever we chose to put them.


I was really impressed with my photos when they arrived. Like my photo square they were of really good quality (though obviously the better standard of photo you choose to print the clearer it would be replicated). The Love Strips came in two little envelopes adorned with hearts and have more of a matte finish than the Polaroid style pics. The Love Cheerz Box pictures came housed in a gorgeous box, which is a really nice way to keep them all together and is pretty sturdy too so they don't get bent out of shape. They also both came with cute little branded heart magnets which I thought was really cute and so I'm sure we'll be using these to stick some of our photos to the fridge.


I think the Love Cheerz Box and Love Strips make such a great gift for Valentine's Day. You can choose up to 40 photos for the Love Strips (£6.50) and up to 45 for the Love Cheerz Box (£13) and they make such a cute and personal present for either a boy or girl. You could go one step further too and present them in an even more creative way like a photo album or frame, tuck a Love Strip into a book as a bookmark, or just hang them around the house to show off your special memories on the loveliest day of the year!

Be quick cupids - the last day to order your Valentine's Day photo gifts is Thursday 4th February. go go go!

You can also get £4 off your first order over £8 using the code EMM7ZA

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*Thanks so much to Cheerz for inviting me to try out these lovely Valentine's Day products. All thoughts are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.


  1. agreed, I love a good photo myself so I know for a fact that if the boyfriend got me these I would LOVE them! Such a unique gift that says much more than the odd perfume and box of chocolates.
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Lovely post. It's good to think out of the box and get something quite unique than the usual cliche Valentine day gift


  3. This is such a lovely idea. Dan and I have so many photos on our phones and on social media but I forget to actually get them printed and put them up so we can enjoy them! Lovely post :)


  4. Cheerz photos are a wonderful idea. Really good quality as well


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