Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Midweek Manicure // Models Own Rose Chrome

Brace yourself for a blogger cliche guys: I love rose gold! It's just so pretty isn't it?! So when I heard that Models Own had released their Colour Chrome collection earlier this year and it included a metallic rose gold colour I was very excited! However I've been trying to save save save to buy a house so have been resisting ever since the collection was released in January. Well guess who finally gave in and bought Chrome Rose?! I sure did! But was it worth the wait?!


I'm going to say yes and no! Whilst I do really like the colour I would not look at it and go "ooohh rose gold nails!" It looks more like a metallic dusky pink to me. Which in someways I guess is what rose gold is, but for me there is too much rose rather than gold in my rose gold  #FirstWorldProblems. However, in some lights it does look more copper toned, which is what my camera picked up in the majority of photos here (it's like when you complain to the IT Team that your printer doesn't work, as soon as they come to look at it, it works perfectly!) Despite it usually looking a lot more pink than gold (such as in the photo above), I do like the colour, which is a bit of a surprise for me as I'm not typically a fan of pink toned nail polishes. 


I'm also not usually a fan of metallic finishes but I really like how Chrome Rose looks on my nails. It looks super pretty in the sunshine and will also be great for the Christmas party season. Now you may be wondering why on earth I bought a rose gold metallic polish if I'm not a fan of pink toned or metallic nails but as I said, I totally had my rose gold tinted glasses on and I couldn't resist! Also just look at that gorgeous metallic packaging! Who wouldn't want it in their collection?!


One thing I really liked about Chrome Rose is how quickly it dried - it's probably the fasted drying polish I've ever used! It also goes on pretty opaque too so made painting my nails really quick. However this did mean that I experienced some dragging and a couple of bald patches, though adding another coat seemed to sort that out fine. I definitely recommend giving your nails a good buff before using this polish, as it does show up every ridge and nail imperfection. The tip of my thumb nail had flaked slightly and you can see this clearly beneath Rose Chrome.


So overall I am a fan of Chrome Rose. It wasn't quite what I was expecting colour wise but is still super pretty and very wearable. The quest for perfect rose gold nails continues...!

Have you tried any of the Models Own Colour Chrome collection? 

What did you think?

P.S - Remember my previous white and rose gold glitter maniCheck it out here.


  1. I agree, quite "rosy", but what a gorgeous shade! Suits your hands really well and so so trendy!

    Will have to try this brand given it dries so fast!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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