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Who else still cannot quite believe it's September?! My bloglovin and YouTube subscriptions have been filled with Back To School content which I've been loving! Sadly though I am now too old to be going back to school myself (ha by quite a long way!) so I thought I'd share some of my work desk beauty essentials with you instead! 


You may have seen a couple of months ago I wrote about my new found love for the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range - seriously the products are stunning and such good quality, you have to check them out! So I was really excited to get the chance to try out one of Joan's fragrances - I am Woman* - too. I love to keep a  perfume at work for a burst of scent throughout the day, or to freshen up if I am going out straight after work. The bottle size is perfect for my "at work" beauty kit and I love its Art Deco style. I am Woman is super floral with notes of rose and musk, and has citrus undertones too which lift it and stop it being too overpowering. That being said it does have amazing staying power, and being an eau du parfum rather than eau de toilette means it is quite a strong scent (you definitely just need 1 or 2 spritzes.) I work in an office with 4 other girls and we all really like the smell of this perfume. Winner! 


I get really dry hands, especially heading into the winter months, so like to use moisturiser throughout the day. My recent favourite is this E45 Intense Recovery Hand Cream. It's one of the most deeply conditioning hand creams I've ever used which is perfect for keeping my hands soft and nourished at my desk. It is scent free though so if you prefer a more cosmetic hand cream this one's probably not for you (but is great for my sensitive skin).

We all know I'm obsessed with my nails so I always keep a clear polish at work for if I need it. This Models Own 5 in 1 Base / Top Coat actually works really well as both (I'm usually a bit dubious of multi-use polishes) and is perfect for helping to save a mani if it begins to chip or to give my nails a light sheen if I'm between colours. It's also perfect for if I ladder my tights and need to stop the rip getting bigger!

I cannot go anywhere without a nail file! My favourite ones are The Natural Nail Company Soft Nails files which aren't too harsh on my fairly weak, flaky nails. They give me really good control when filing as there's nothing worse when going to just neaten up your nails and finding the file was too harsh and you've lost all your length! #FirstWorldProblems


I always like to keep a deodorant with me at my desk just in case! I thankfully don't sweat that much but it's always nice to have some deodorant to hand should I want to freshen up. I have used this Nivea Pearl and Beauty one for years and find it does the job perfectly. It's non sticky, doesn't stain my clothes and smells nice without any horrible powdery deodorant scent.

Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer is an absolute must for a germaphobe like me! I take one in my handbag everywhere with me but like to keep one in my desk too. 


I don't use dry shampoo too much as my hair is so fine it needs to be washed daily so it doesn't really get much build up. That being said it's nice for a bit of a boost when going out after work or when working an evening event and this Batiste Big & Bouncy XXL Volume on is great for that. 
This product is literally amazing! I have really fine thin hair which needs all the volume it can get and this definitely provides that! A quick spray and ruffle up of the hair and you get really good volume which actually holds pretty well too. The perfect pick me up.

My hair gets really knotty really easily, so I always need to have a hair brush to hand. I use my incredible Tangle Tamer Ultra at home, have a travel Tangle Teezer in my bag at all times and keep my regular Tangle Teezer at work.


I literally could not live without lip balm! My favourite one to keep at my desk is my Strawberry Balmi. It's super moisturising, smells delicious and is really practical to use at my desk as it applies straight to my lips so I don't get sticky or tinted fingers (and subsequently sticky or tinted paper / keyboard!)

Tanya Burr's Picnic in the Park is one of my favourite ever lip glosses. It's mega shiny and gives a really pretty wash of peachy pink colour which is nice and neutral for the office.

I also like to rock at statement lip in the office and although I don't go for a classic red too often I am a huge fan of orange lips. This Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids Electric Orange is absolutely stunning and also last pretty well so I don't need to worry about reapplying every 5 minutes which is perfect for when I'm going from meeting to meeting.

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is a bit of a cult classic and it's easy to see why - it's so affordable, really blendable and gives a really high coverage without feeling too heavy. Great for covering up during the day.


So there you go, a little look at some of my favourite work desk essentials to help me feel fabulous throughout the day, and often into the evening too. 

I'd love to know what your work desk beauty essentials are so let me know in the comments below.

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*Thanks so much to Joan Collins Timeless Beauty for inviting me to try out their I am Woman perfume. All thoughts are honest and my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer Page.


  1. I gather so much stuff on my desk - what a good idea for a blog!

  2. I always keep deodorant, perfume, a lippie and nail file.

    I would add medicine to this list and a few vitamins i take during the day :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I would say these are pretty similar to my essentials! it's a good idea to keep them all together xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. Thanks for the post and great tips..even I also think that hard work is the most important aspect of getting success
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