Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Midweek Manicure // Frozen Nail Art

Just before Christmas you may have seen I blogged a little Frozen haul which included some rather jazzy nail stickers with pictures of Elsa, Anna and co on. In December I went to see Singalong Frozen with my younger cousins (beyond amazing, obvs!) and wore these nail stickers along with Asscher Blue by Models Own to create my own Frozen Nail Art Manicure


This is my first polish from the Models Own Diamond Luxe range and I'm really impressed! I adore blue nail polish and this is a really gorgeous icy glacial colour - perfect for a Frozen mani! The cool thing about the Diamond Luxe range is that they actually contain real diamond dust (so fancy) which makes them super sparkly and multi dimensional looking. Asscher Blue has a silver shimmer running through it which makes it perfect for this wintery look. Whether due to the diamond dust or not I'm not sure, but I found this polish to be really hard wearing and long lasting, so I'll definitely be giving the other colours in the range a go.


Anyway, on to the Frozen part of this Frozen themed mani! As I blogged before I bought these transfers from eBay for only £2.89 for 5 sheets. Bargain or what?! Some of the pictures are a bit dodgy quality so I was glad I had  5 sheets to pick the best ones from. I decided to go for a different character on each finger and ended up with the below result.


Cute eh?! The transfers were really easy to use and they stayed in place a lot easier than some I've tried (remember the rubbish snowflake decals I used recently?! Nightmare!) A quick slick of top coat and I was good to go, ready to sing my heart out at the cinema (and give the kids in their full on Elsa costumes a run for their money with my ice-cool nails :D)


I hope you like this fun, easy Frozen manicure. I love using nail decals as they're so simple to use and look a lot better than any characters I'd be able to draw myself! I'm really pleased I used Asscher Blue as the base - it's a really beautiful blue, and the perfect ice colour. I mean look how well it blends with Elsa's dress!

Are you a big Frozen fan?
What do you think of these nail transfers?

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  1. OMG they are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I'm so jealous! I want Frozen nails! Wonder if I could get away with these in the office ;)

    Chloe x

  2. These are so cute! I love Frozen.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  3. oh wow im lovng transfers at the moment and these are great my kids would lvoe thm for sure

  4. So cute! I have this Models Own polish, it's my favourite from the Diamond Luxe range but I STILL haven't tried it!!

    The Naily Mail

    Lauren x


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