Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Midweek Manicure // OPI / Coca Cola Bearest of them All Gift Set

I am so blooming excited to have this as my first Midweek Manicure post of December! I am a massive nail polish fan (obvs) and love the quality of OPI. I am also a huge fan of the Coca-Cola brand, and like most people, associate it unequivocally with Christmas time. The Coca-Cola truck and family of cartoon polar bears really do signal the start of the festive season for me. **Holidays are coming, holidays are coming!**  So it was with absolute delight that I won this adorable Bearest of them All set from Debenhams, including a festive OPI / Coca-Cola polish and cute cuddly polar bear. Awwwww!!!


The nail polish is more of a decorative topcoat - clear and filled with red and white dots and hexagonal pieces, as well as some white heart shapes. It will be fab for Valentines Day, as well as Christmas.




Bearest of them All reminds me of Christmas tree decorations and wrapping paper prints so I decided to layer it over a bright green polish to mirror this. I used Barry M Spring Green and I LOVE how the two polishes look together. Festive fingers :D




I really like the effect this polish gives. It does require a little bit of patience and time to get an even distribution of specs but is definitely worth it. I think next time I would try and avoid the little heart shapes as I think they look a little odd amongst the smaller specs, but they will be cute for Valentines manis. I also adore the little polar bear ornament that comes with the polish and will have him nestled amongst my Christmas tree this year (it's going up this weekend guys woooo!)



I think this is a lovely little set for Christmas and would make a fab gift for any age. Thanks for my Christmas treat Debenhams

What are your favourite nail polish gift sets this Christmas?

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