Monday, 8 December 2014

Fashion // A mini Frozen Haul

Yoohoo! Like trillions of other people, I fell a little bit (ok, a lotta bit) in love with the movie Frozen this year.  Excitingly there has been so much merchandise released and Primark especially has some absolutely awesome goodies (you can always rely on Primark eh!) I've been trying to be very restrained in my purchasing (I had to give myself quite a stern talking to when I considered buying a child's Olaf onesie which would never in a million years fit, even if I cut the feet off!) BUT there was the odd thing that I picked up and decided was just too good to Let It Go (see what I did there?!)


I went to see Singalong Frozen this weekend (beyond exciting!) and thought it would be fun to dress the part. There are lots of different design Frozen t-shirts and jumpers for adults currently in Primark and I picked up this cute and fairly subtle Olaf offering. I love grey tees, and as it features lots of little Olafs, I thought it was a bit more stylish than one of the bolder designs. It also came in this rather jazzy box (alright you got me, I mostly bought it for the packaging!) It's super soft with roll sleeves and only cost £7. Bargain!



Of course I just HAD to have some Frozen inspired nails when I went to Singalong, so I picked up these cute little nail decals from eBay. They were an absolute bargain - 5 sheets for only £2.89! With that sort of value you'd expect it to have come from Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna! Big Summer Blow Out!!) A couple of the pictures are a little ropey looking but for £2.89 you can't really go wrong. I sent some along to my little cousins to wear on the day too (Yoohoo family!) and will have a Frozen themed Midweek Manicure up very very soon!


I decided I'd send the nail wraps along with a Christmas card to get the festive snowball rolling and was beyond delighted to discover these cuties in Primark! 15 for £1 and there's 4 designs to choose from. Now I just have to pick who suits which design, does anyone else always spend aaaages doing this at Christmas time?!


Now this isn't strictly a Frozen phone case but I think if Elsa had an iPhone it would totally be dressed in this! Look how frosty blue and sparkly it is!!! And it's another Primark bargain - only £3! Ice cool! 


I'm also dying to get my mittens on a pair of Olaf print pyjama leggings I've seen advertised in Primark so will let you know if I get them too! If you see them in the Oxford Street stores please let me know! There are also an amazing array of notebooks, pens and homeware goods available too so I'm hoping Father Christmas pops some under my tree in a few weeks!

Have you picked up any Frozen merchandise? 

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  1. Oooooooh I haven't seen the PJ bottoms, will have to keep an eye out for those!

    I did buy one of the Olaf Tees but not worn it yet ...I do keep thinking to myself I probably wont even end up wearing it in the Winter as I get so cold it's jumpers all the way - doh!

  2. My niece absolutely loves Frozen - she's only 3, and has learnt to twist, twirl and stamp along to Elsa, definitely as sassy as she "sings" aka screeches along to it!


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