Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Midweek Manicure // Jessica - Viva La Lime Lights

You may have seen in this weekend's InstaLIFE post that I had a spa day with my mum on Saturday. I had a back massage and a mini manicure wahoo! I chose a stunning lime green shade - Viva La Lime Lights by Jessica - for my manicure and thought I'd share to with you today.


I love green polishes and was immediately struck by how unique looking this one was. It's a bit of an electric pastel shade, changing from mute to vibrant under different lights.


It has a lovely creme finish which is opaque within two coats. My manicurist gave me two very thick coats and I'm not sure whether this was down to the formula or her application, but it did mean it took forever to dry and got a few fluffy robe imprints in it! (Hence the lack of photos this week!) But it did have a great shiny finish and several people have asked if they are gel nails. 


Unfortunately they didn't have any bottles in this shade to buy but they are available on Amazon. I will definitely be purchasing Viva La Lime Lights as it's such a lovely wearable shade and even my Mum wanted to wear it! 

What colour do you usually choose when having a manicure?

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