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I just can't get enough of cake at the moment! The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens, I've been baking along too, and the other day I came home to find a cake had been delivered to me - THROUGH MY LETTERBOX!!! "Cake through the letter box?!" I hear you cry, "What wizardry is this"  Well, it was a little present from the clever folk over at BakerDays who will personalise a cake any way you like and deliver it to you THROUGH YOUR LETTERBOX! (Have I got across how awesome I think that is yet?!) 

BakerDays say that 
"The concept of cake is changing the way the world thinks of showing someone they're thinking of someone. A small scrumptious cake, which arrives with the postman, can be covered in your caring words, funny photos or anything you could possibly want"
Pretty cool eh?!

My Letter Box Cake* came delivered in a sturdy white cardboard box, which inside held an adorable tin that said Just For You. Nestled along side it was a couple of balloons, some candles and even one of those jazzy blower things that make an amazingly obnoxious noise as it unrolls (what are they called?!) There was even a cute flowery card which had the message Enjoy your cake from BakerDays inside. I thought these were all really nice touches and everything was relatively classic and simple - not too gender or occassion specific which means they have universal appeal. I really like the tin and will definitely be keeping hold of that for when I do my own baking and also storing little bits and pieces like my piping nozzles etc.

Now onto the good bit - THE CAKE!!! My cake had my blog name and logo on which looked really cool, and I was surprised at how clear it came out and how perfectly the colours matched. They'd also added some little hearts in the same turquoise colour and a turquoise Aztec style trim which were nice little additions.

It was packaged well, and all sealed in plastic inside the tin to keep it fresh, and the cake apparently lasts for up to 14 days (though mine was gobbled up long before this!) It was easy to take the cake out of the tin with a little Alice In Wonderland style instruction tab, which you just pulled and the cake board lifted out easily.

My cake was double chocolate chip flavoured, but the little leaflet which came inside the package also said they do Vanilla, Fruit or half Chocolate/half Vanilla cakes. They also do Dairy Free and Gluten and Wheat Free recipes which I think is really cool, as often special dietary requirements can get forgotten in these sorts of services. It was a lovely rich, dark colour and was stuck to the board with a smooth, creamy butter icing (my favourite!) The cake was very tasty and not at all dry (I can't bring myself to use the M word!) but was quite dense. I think if the cake had been a thicker, normal size it would have been too stodgy, but as it was so thin, (letterbox thin!) the density was not a problem. 

I really enjoyed my BakerDays Letterbox Cake. It's always exciting to have something unique and personal to you, and who doesn't like cake eh?! This is such a great idea for a gift if you can't actually see someone on their special day, or just aren't that great at baking! You can also order cupcakes too which would be fab for a party or event. The letterbox cakes are £14.99 each which may seem pricy if compared with the cost of buying a cake at the supermarket, but is a much more personal present. The fact that it comes in a cute tin with birthday accessories also gives it a real novelty factor which is bound to put a smile on anybody's face! And of course they can keep the tin as a keepsake too.

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*Thanks so much to BakerDays for sending me a Letterbox Cake to review. All thoughts are honest and my own. For further details please see my Disclaimer Page.


  1. That's so cute! It looks yummy, shame I don't live within their limits haha

  2. I got one of these cakes, mine was so so nice!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. This looks so delicious and it'd make a perfect present (to friends or yourself!) - nom :)

  4. This is such a great idea! I have friends all over the country who I often can't see and this would be the perfect gift for birthdays and other celebrations x


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