Monday, 14 July 2014

Lifestyle // "25 Things To Do This Summer" Tag

Today's post is all about summer! The lovely Aftab from Fresh and Fearless blog has tagged me to take part in the "25 Things To Do This Summer" Tag so here is my list of things I want to do, achieve and take part in this summer...

1. Go to the theatre
2. Read 3 books
3. Walk home from work at least twice a week
4. Visit Camden Beach
5. Go to Brighton for the day
6. Make a rainbow cake (excellent idea Aftab!)
7. Go to a festival
8. Go for drinks on the Southbank
9. Go for a run
10. Organise a girls night
11. Spend a weekend at my parents house (preferably when the sun is shining so I can sunbathe in the garden!)
12. Get planning my boyfriend's 30th birthday celebrations
13. Go to the cinema (I really want to see the new Daniel Radcliffe film!)
14. Finally watch Magic Mike (how have I still not seen this?!)
15. Watch Frozen again (how have I only seen this once?!)
16. Try Ruby Violet's gin and tonic sorbet
17. Post an OOTD blog post (scary!)
18. Play tennis (not had a game since last summer!)
19. Go to a spinning class
20. Have a picnic on Hampstead Heath
21. Go to a BBQ
22. Meet some new blogger friends
23. Try water marbled nails 
24. Go through my wardrobe and get rid of at least one bag of old clothes 
25. Go on a boat trip (summer just isn't complete without a boat trip!)

So there are my aims - lots of London fun and also some fitness challenges thrown in too (haha perhaps if I start on my bikini body for next year now, I may just have a chance of being ready for once!). I think I'll do a little post at the end of summer looking back to see how much I manage to check off my list!

I'm nosy and love having a little peek into everyone's lives so I tag ALL OF YOU! I hope you make your own list of 25 Things To Do This Summer, make sure you send me your links if you do! 


  1. Love this post! You've got some really good ideas here, especially the rainbow cake! I'd love to see a photo after you've done it! I also definitely agree about going on a boat trip, it isn't summer without one!

    Hazel Jane x

    1. Thanks Hazel Jane! I totally agree - I love a good boat trip!! I will definitely be sharing my rainbow cake if I make one (which I really hope I do I've wanted to do it so so long!!!) xx

  2. I definitely need to make one of these lists, so I actually do something with my summer.
    Really great post. Camden has a beach? Need to investigate this!


    1. Yes! It's at the Roundhouse and meant to be really good fun (and with lots of yummy cocktails!) I'd love to see your list - def send me your link when you've done it :D xx


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