Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Midweek Manicure | Neon & white chevron nail art

Yes I've been playing with my Models Own Polish for Tans Collection again! I just can't seem to get enough of these polishes, especially when teamed with a white base. My favourite is definitely turning out to be Beach Bag, the fluorescent coral of the collection, and I've once again used it to create some jazzy festival ready nail art (you can see my other designs here and here).


I love chevrons and they seem to be the "in" design at the moment (I've even spotted them on Primark cushions - I want them so badly!!) There have been tons of gorgeous chevron nail designs popping up on Instagram recently and whilst I did my own free hand design the other week, I decided I wanted to go for full on zigzags, so bought these clever little nail sticker templates from eBay to help me out.


I painted a base coat of my favourite white polish - Models Own Hyper Gel White Light, then when that was dry applied the chevron nail stickers at intervals across my nail. I then painted over a coat of Beach Bag and as it was very almost dry peeled off the nail stickers - leaving behind the funky multicoloured zigzag / chevron design. Easy peasy! (Please ignore the dodgy marks on my pointer finger - unfortunately my topcoat went a little nuts and created funny little air pockets all over my nail. When I tried to pop the air out of it the polish pinged off like on my middle finger! damn you Seche Vite I knew I shouldn't have used you!) 



I really like this design! It looks really intricate and very cool, I think these colours work really well together and look fab in the sunshine. My colleague also commented how tanned my hands looked whilst wearing this design, so obviously the Polish for Tans power was out in full force! Result!

Are you a fan of chevron nail art?

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