Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Midweek Manicure | Models Own Polish for Tans Collection & Easy Festival Nail Art

Fluorescent festival nails!

It wasn't that long ago that I featured a lovely little neon nail polish set from Primark. Well I'm back today with another luminous range - the Polish for Tans collection from Models Own. Hey, you can never have too much neon right?! 


The Polish for Tans collection came out within the last month or so and features 5 gloriously bright colours which will look amazing in the summer sun. And those clever little pixies over at Models Own went one step further and designed the range especially so it would show off and highlight a tan - thank you Models Own! I'm one of those people that spends more time choosing what polish to pack, than I do on the rest of my wardrobe when going away, usually umming and aahing about what colours will look fab by the end of my trip (when I've hopefully turned into a golden goddess!) Well stress no more as Models Own have already done the hard work for me!


The colours in the range are Shades (a cute corally-pink), Bikini (an in-yer-face yellow), Beach Bag (a powerful peach), Flip Flop (a garish green) and Sun Hat (a Barbie-esque popping pink). Ooohh I do love a bit of alliteration!

They're all incredible colours! I adore the green Flip Flop and orangey Beach Bag (which the Models Own Bottleshop Babes told me was their fastest selling colour). I was surprised as well by how much I liked Sun Hat and Shades too, as I am not normally a big fan of pink colours. Although they're mega bright they all look very pretty on and will be absolutely perfect for festival fun this summer

L to R: Shades, Bikini, Beach Bag, Flip Flop, Sun Hat

I couldn't decide which polish I wanted to wear first so decided to paint each nail a different colour (which my boyfriend said made me look like a 10 year old who'd been let loose with the highlighter pens at school haha! Thanks sweetheart!) The colours all compliment each other well, but I decided to go one step further and jazz them up even more by hand drawing shabby chic scratchy chevrons on top with my Barry M Nail Art Pen. I actually really like this look and got many a compliment whilst wearing it and I think it would be great to wear to a festival.


The Polish for Tans collection is perfect for indulging in a little bit of nail art and I have several other designs up my sleeve so watch this space!

What's your favourite shade in this collection?


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