Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lifestyle | #Photoamay Round-up 3

Week 3 by me

The #photoamay Challenge is still going strong, and here's my round up of Week 3 in pictures....


18) QUOTE - I don't have a favourite quote but saw this one on twitter and thought it was absolutely lovely! Good old Roald Dahl!


19) COLOUR - it's easy to see from my blog that turquoise is my favourite colour!


20) CRUSH - Ron Weasley, duh! I was SO excited when I got to meet him at the Harry Potter Wrap Party, best day EVER!! 


21) PAMPER - I've been loving pampering myself with this Wake Me Hand Scrub by Beauty Kitchen (which I reviewed this week here). It smells divine and is made of 100% natural and ethical ingredients. Win!


22) ORANGE - I adore orange nails, the brighter the better! My fave has to be the Sleek Nailed It, it's soooo neon, perfect for festivals!


23) SUNGLASSES - I love my Guess tortoise shell sunnies with quilted arms. These are prescription though, and my prescription has changed (waaaahhh!!) I must get them updated ready for summer.


24) LIPS - Here's my first play with my new Make Up Revolution lipstick Enchant. Such a pretty purpley pink!



So that's days 18 - 24 done! Yikes this month is flying by! It's never too late to join the fun though, so let me know of you are taking part.


Don't forget you can follow me on Instagram - (hey, I'm nothing if not consistent!) 



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