Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lifestyle | #Photoamay Round-up 1

A photo-a-day for the month of May!

Hello lovelies! So the other day I was very excited to tell you I'd joined Instagram AT LAST!!! And even more excited that this meant I could join in with Hannah from Cosmetic Crave's #photoamay challenge (where you upload a photo with a different set theme everyday for the month of May). I thought I'd share my first 10 photos with you here.



1) FRESH START - the #photoamay instructions seemed like a good pic to me!

2) PERFUME - here's my fave perfume at the moment - Vera Wang Princess Night which my lovely mum bought me for my birthday (thanks again mum!)

3) CONTOUR - whoopsie I forgot about day 3!

4) BREAKFAST - ooohh I love a good soft boiled egg and toast! Definitely need to get me some egg cups though!

5) MEMORY - my girlies and I dressed up at Standon Calling festival 2012 for the theme "Journey to the end of the earth" goooooddd times!


6) BLUE - I'm loving my new EOS blueberry and acai lip balm at the minute.

7) HAPPINESS - I think this picture is the epitome of happiness! Having a great time with some of my oldest friends by the sea in Whitstable on a girlie holiday last year. 

8) SIBLING - Awwww aren't we sweet?! Well I am anyway...! My older brother and I aged about 3 and 7 (and my friends finger - she thought this pic was hilarious!)

9) NAIL ART - ooh I love a bit of nail art me! Here is a selection of the designs I did as part of the Nail Art Weekly Project, including my Gossip Girl nails and Cath Kidston inspired spots and flowers.

10) TREAT - one of my favourite treats is a skinny iced mocha from Starbucks! Soooooo tasty and not that bad for you really. (Right?!) 

So there you go! I'm really enjoying taking part in the #photoamay challenge. Come and follow me over on Instagram here (username emsypickle). I shall share this week's pics with you here too next Saturday.

Leave me your Instagram usernames below :)

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