Tuesday, 6 May 2014

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A couple of weeks ago I finally upgraded my phone from a ratty old CrapBerry  BlackBerry and joined the 21st century and got an iPhone (hurrah!) So of course the first thing I did was join Instagram - emsypickle

I did have an account already which I'd occasionally sneakily log into from my boyfriends iPhone but I couldn't actually access and use the app properly...until now!


Ooohhhh it's addictive isn't it?! I love looking at everyone's pics (I'm so nosy!) and love playing with all the filters for my own photos.

I love a good blogger challenge and can now join in with Instagram projects too -like Hannah from Cosmetic Crave blog's #photoamay challenge. The idea is you post a different picture each day of May to a pre-set theme.


So come on over and follow me on Instagram - emsypickle and please leave me your profile names too so I can have a good nose keep up with all of your adventures and pictures!

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  1. I had a stupidly old IPhone for many years, I got it in 2008 and ran it into the ground until earlier this year when I decided I really should get a new one. The first thing I did was get Instagram going, it was something I really felt like I missed out on before. OMG I love it, so addictive!

    Chloe x

  2. When I got my iPhone last year Instagram was one of the first apps I downloaded, now totally addicted! Ooh, sounds like a great challenge! I'll definitely be following your account to watch it :) xx


  3. I'm totally addicted too, its crazy! Such a great app :)


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