Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Midweek Manicure | Primark Neon Collection

Primark neon nails!

Neon nails are big news at the minute, with everyone getting ready for summer, festival season and hoping for hot weather. A while ago - such a trend setter ;) -  I posted a Primark haul which included a set of four fabulous fluorescent nail polishes for the bargainous price of only £2! The sun has been shining, and with bank holiday weekends galore, I thought it was about time I cracked them open!

The set contains four 6ml bottles of nail polish - yellow, pink, green and blue. Each of the colours is absolutely vibrant! I'm so happy, as often I've bought neon nail paints only to find they're actually pretty tame when applied to the nail. Well these are not for the faint hearted!


The colours are all really nice and despite being mega bright are actually all really wearable.

The yellow has a shimmery undertone to it - making it quite a golden toned sunshine yellow.

The pink is bright and bold, yet probably the least neon of the lot. It has an almost matte finish, which I think gives it a slightly dimmed down look. It will look gorgeous with a tan!

I bought the set mainly for the green colour (I'm permanently on the hunt for the perfect highlighter neon green!) and was not disappointed! My friend Matt actually described it as "eye watering" when I met up with him to watch the London Marathon the other week! I also wore this colour on a work bowling trip and was very excited to find that it glowed under the UV lights! Amazing - this will definitely be in my festival nail polish picks! I can't say for sure whether the other colours do the same, but I would imagine that the yellow does.

The blue is absolutely gorgeous - a bold, bright cyan colour which has a nice glossy finish. I will probably get most wear out of this one of the four, as it's extremely bright but still quite work appropriate (well, on days I don't have external meetings anyway!)


The polishes all applied really well - the swatches above all show two coats, apart from the yellow which seemed to be a lot thinner and needed four thin layers for full coverage.


This is a really fun set and will be perfect for summer days, festivals and holidays. I can't believe what good quality the polishes are for only £2, and the small size bottles make them ideal for taking away with you! Oh Primark you've smashed it again!

Do you love neon nails?

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