Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Midweek Manicure | Models Own Turquoise Gloss Hyper Gel - and Models Own VIP Easter Party

It's never too late for an Easter bunny mani!

I know, I know, Easter is over (sob sob) but I couldn't resist sharing this adorable bunny themed manicure with you anyway. Now whilst the little rabbit nail art is super cute, my favourite part of this look is the gorgeous base colour - Turquoise Gloss Hyper Gel by Models Own.


We all know I'm a HUGE Models Own fan so I was mega excited last week when I got to go to their VIP Easter Party at their Bottleshop in Westfield. My friend and I had such a fun time, chatting with the lovely Models Own girls, taking part in a celebrity themed quiz and of course drooling over all the beautiful nail polishes!



As part of the evening we got to pick a polish and have an Easter themed manicure. One of the Bottleshop Babes (as I shall call them!) was wearing a stunning bright turquoise colour and I knew instantly that's what I wanted on my nails too (I don't know if you could tell from looking at my blog design, but turquoise is my favourite colour...!) A fresh bottle of Turquoise Gloss - which is from their relatively new Hyper Gel range - was promptly opened and applied to my nails.



I really like the application of the Hyper Gel polishes. Turquoise Gloss only needed one coat for a smooth, opaque, glossy finish. It's such a pretty jewel-bright colour and will be lovely with a tan in the summer time. This will also make a great festival nail choice as it dries to such a vibrant shiny finish, and also wears pretty well.

To finish off my mani, a little Easter bunny was painted on my ring finger, using the Models Own black, white and pastel pink Artstix nail art pens. So simple and so cute!

Slightly blurry pic sorry, I was using my phone :S

I loved my Turquoise Gloss manicure so much that I bought my own bottle, as well as a few other treats which I'll share on the blog soon. Watch this space! Thanks for a great night at the VIP Easter Party Models Own!

Have you tried any of the Models Own Hyper Gel collection? Did you rock an Easter themed mani over the bank holiday?

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