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Witness the Fitness | Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer

Step to it!

You may have seen me write on my blog before that I have been trying to get fitter in the past few months. I find I keep my motivation up quite well when being able to track my progress and actually see what I'm eating, how often I'm exercising etc. So when the lovely people at Moderna Housewares asked me if I'd like to try out one of their Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometers*, which records your steps and lets you see a week's worth of data, I jumped (stepped?!) at the chance!


When it arrived I was a little bit taken a back by the bright yellow colour - not too easy to keep that discreet! However as I prefer to keep it in my pocket or handbag and it still records my steps accurately, its not been a problem. This model also comes in black, so if you're really not a fan of taxi cab yellow you can get a subtler one.

It's a neat little machine, a nice size which is relatively thin and flat, so sits in the back pocket of your jeans without bulging awkwardly! The sleek simple design and nice large screen also make it look pretty smart too.




I was very impressed with the amount of things this pedometer can do. I've used ones before, that count the number of steps I've taken and how far that is in distance. The Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer however records the number of steps, the distance this translates to (in miles or km), the calories burnt, the number of minutes walked and your average walking speed (in km/h or mile/h). blimey! It also holds the data so you can scroll back through and see the totals for seven days previously. Pretty impressive for such a small machine! 


The Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer is really easy to programme, you just upload your weight, height and length of stride (total distance walked in 10 steps divided by 10) and choose whether you want it to record in metric or imperial and then you're good to go! The buttons are a good size, not too small and fiddly as they are on others I've tried, and are all clearly labelled so you don't need to constantly refer back to the instructions. The instructions are pretty thorough and easy to follow though, with clear steps on how to set up and use the Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer.


The instructions are pretty thorough, but easy to understand and supplemented with diagrams

It seems to be pretty accurate at measuring my steps. I spent the first two days staring at the screen watching the numbers increase as I walked along, and now trust it enough to keep in my pocket or in my handbag. It's clever tri-axis motion sensor means that it will still track your movement accurately no matter what position it is in.  This is great for me, as I am not a fan of pedometers which you have to wear attached to your belt, as I find they always fall off, stick out, or I'm wearing a dress and have nowhere to put it! It also comes with a neck strap if you prefer to wear it round your neck. Also included is mini screwdriver should you need to change the battery, although another clever feature I like is that it puts itself to sleep if no buttons are pressed for a while, in order to reserve battery life (so you shouldn't be needing that screwdriver too often!)


I love looking back through and seeing how my progress has altered over the week (and its also been pretty good at making me go for a walk at lunchtime if my counts aren't looking too good! It's scary how easy it is to do such little exercise in a desk bound job!) I also like that I can switch between looking at each day separately, or my week's totals.

Overall I am really impressed with the Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer. I really like how it is small and slim, but contains and retains a whole heap of data. I love being able to look back at my records for the past week, and particularly like being able to easily measure the amount of calories I've burnt off, as this is how I prefer to measure exercise rather than distance covered.

The Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer is available to buy on for £15.95.

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*Thank you to Moderna Housewares for kindly sending me the Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer to review.
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  1. Sounds great, I love the idea of this. I had an app that did a similar thing but it was hell on the battery life so will give this a go instead. Thanks x

    1. It's really useful! Nice and small so fits in pretty much any pocket! xx


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