Thursday, 6 March 2014

Midweek Manicure | Ciate Dolls House Collection


Remember when my brother and his girlfriend Helen gave me that fab Kardashian Kolors nail polish set for Christmas? They spoiled me again a couple weeks ago for my birthday, when I unwrapped the beautifully packaged Ciate Dolls House Collection. Look at how pretty it is!


I've never used Ciate nail polish before, but have always thought their bow detail bottles are adorable. This level of adoration cranked up into overdrive when I locked eyes on the 
Dolls House Collection packaging! You can even open up the front of the house to peep through the windows. Amazing! 




The 5 mini colours inside are just as beautiful (and have suitable sweet names!)


L - R....

Sweet Pea - A stunning pastel mint green
Paper Doll - A very concentrated white (perfect as I like my whites white!) I know, I should do washing powder commercials!
Baby Doll - A very pretty peachy pink colour
Poppet - A lovely light lilac
Doll Face - A great nude, which really is perfectly named, as it is the exact shade of a typical porcelain doll's face!

The pretty pastel colours dry an amazing "porcelain" matte finish - ticking 2 of the key nail trends of the minute. The porcelain finish is really unlike anything I've used before - as well as being wonderfully matte, it also has a real chalky quality to it which is really interesting to look at. They're definitely more matte than other polishes I've used of this type. The Barry M matte collection for example still have a slight gleam and silky finish to them, whilst these have a completely dry finish.


I did find I got some bald patches whilst applying these, and had to use three coats to get the finish pictured here. I hope this is just down to first application, and will get better as I get used to the formula. Because the Dolls House polishes dry so matte, you can also see every little ridge and imperfection on my nail, so think I will definitely use a nail buffer before painting with these polishes again. (luckily I got one at the #VCSwapShop14 event last week!) This may also help reduce the patchiness too as there'll be less for the dry formlua to cling on to.


Despite these slight imperfections in application, I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of these Dolls House Collection polishes. The colours are perfect for spring and the porcelain finish is so unique and unlike anything I've ever used before. I won't be throwing the beautiful packaging away either!

Thanks Will and Hels for another amazing gift!

Have you tried the Ciate Dollshouse Collection?

xx emsypickle xx


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