Monday, 17 February 2014

Beauty | Tangle Teezer

No more knots!

I have very thin, fine hair and it gets horribly knotty far too easily. This, teamed with my complete lack of patience and tendency to be running late, means I am often left cursing at my hair brush and practically crying as I rip it through my tangled hair each morning! Bad beauty blogger! This obviously weakens my hair even more, and it seems to come out left right and centre :( It's a running joke between my boyfriend and I that I will be as bald as Phil Mitchell by the time I'm 30, and that our entire flat is covered in "Emsy hairs" (gross, I know!) So I was thrilled when he picked up on my subtle hints (read: blatant pleas) that's I'd like a Tangle Teezer for Christmas! I'd heard so many great things about these special brushes; that they glide effortlessly through hair, and prevent it from splitting and breaking. Now would it live up to my expectations?!


I am OBSESSED with this little guy! It does exactly what it says on the packaging, and has seriously revolutionised my getting ready routine!



Tangle Teezer is a handheld brush, which is curved to fit the natural shape of your hand. However I actually find it easier to hold upside down as it were, in the opposite way to how its designed, as I feel I get a better grip on it this way (maybe I have weird hands?!) I got the black brush, but it also comes in a range of other colours.

Me holding the Tangle Teezer properly!

The bristles are made of a soft rubber and are specially laid out with alternating lengths to soothe through your hair, easing out knots with little to no pulling.


The amazingness of my Tangle Teezer has not gone unnoticed by my boyfriend either, who the other day recommended his sister get one too, when she complained about having knotty hair! We'll make a beauty blogger of him yet!

As I say, I have been so so pleased with my Tangle Teezer. It detangles knots so easily, that it takes me half the time and none of the pain to now style and brush my hair. As a result my hair feels thicker and stronger, and there are definitely less Emsy hairs everywhere! Who knows, I may even make it to 30 with some hair still in tact!

Do you have a Tangle Teezer? Has it changed your hair routine as much as it has mine?

xx emsypickle xx

Phil Mitchell, if only he'd discovered Tangle Teezer earlier!