Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fashion | Sale Haul - Accessorize, ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Primark, River Island

Haul Ahoy!

I didn't think I'd bought that much in the sales this year, and announced this proudly to my boyfriend who had a bit of a coughing fit and couldn't stop laughing. Hmmmm, maybe I had bought a *few things*. So I thought I'd do a quick stock take of all my new fashion bargains and share them all with you!




5. New Look Aztec jumper - £12 (was £24.99)
7. New Look Perrie press on nails £3 (was £5.99)


9. River Island bracelet - £1
10. Primark Christmas jumper - £5 (was £12)
11. Accessorize nail pens - £3 (was £10)

So yeh, alright, maybe I did buy quite a bit! But they're all pieces I really like and will get a lot of wear out of (not that I feel I need to justify my purchases to you lovely lot, I'm sure you more than understand the pressures of a Christmas sale on a fellow shopaholic!) Even the Primark Christmas jumper was a good buy in my eyes, as even though I won't get to wear it for a whole year, it never hurts to be prepared! :)

The ASOS coat I am particularly pleased with as I've been searching around for a new coat for aaaages (having not bought a new one in 4 years!) And this is so super warm and classically styled it will see me through many cold London winters yet to come I'm sure! I also am OBSESSED with my Dorothy Perkins concealed wedge boots! I've wanted some like this for ages, but never got round to buying any, so when I spied them online from £32 down to £22 I thought it would be rude not to! And then to top it off, DP's had an offer for an extra 20% off sale items AND free shipping if you spent over a certain amount, bringing their grand total to £17! That's HALF PRICE! Wahoooo! Be warned though, they're only on sale online, and are still full price in the stores (making me feel even more smug - and stylish!)

Have you picked up and sale bargains? Leave your links in the comments, I'd love to see!

xx emsypickle xx


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