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Beauty | Soap & Glory Limited Edition A Great Kisser Lip Balm – Peppermint

Peppermint Pucker

I have never actually tried any Soap & Glory products before (I know!) but have always enjoyed their fun packaging and funky product names. I’m an absolute sucker for lip balms and when I saw the gorgeous Kirstie from A Yellow Brick Blog review the Limited Edition A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm in Peppermint, I thought now was the time to finally give Soap & Glory a whirl!


I’m so glad I did! I am absolutely in LOVE with this lip balm! The packaging is so cute, and perfect for this time of year (I bought it the week before Christmas whilst doing my present shopping! But don't worry, it's still available online, and in my local Boots stores). The red and white swirly stripes on the tin are a perfect match for the candy cane smell and taste of the balm. It’s also a very nice size tin, and contains lots and lots of balm for the £5 price point.


The balm itself is more like a gloss I’d say. It’s quite thick and sticky, which ordinarily I’m not a fan of, but it spreads well and after application loses some of it’s stickiness but retains a high shine which I love. This also means you don’t need to use a lot of it at a time, and get a good amount of coverage with a tiny amount, so it will last for a long long time.


Soap & Glory describe this lip balm as being “specially formulated to protect and moisturise lips”. They’re not wrong! This is the most moisturising of all the lip balms I’ve tried this season (which is a LOT!) It really does leave my lips feeling very smooth and soft, and does so for a long time after it has worn off too, which for me is the ultimate sign of a brilliant lip balm! So often they’re very moisturising when being worn but then leave your lips feeling tight and dry again, needing another application straight away. I’ve been giving myself a good slick of balm just before bed too, and my lips are so soft when I wake up!

A Great Kisser looks super pretty on the lips too. It does have a pink iridescent shimmer running through it, which reminded me of snow when I opened up the tin the first time! I usually dislike my lip products to have any kind of glitter to them, but it works in this balm, coming off much more subtly on the lip than it does in the tin. It gives a lovely sheen to my lips, rather than visible individual glitter particles. It’s so shiny and pretty, and I’ve been using it as a clear lip gloss, and there’s none of the gloopy appearance Vaseline gives.


Trying to capture the pinky glittery sheen of the balm!

The sweet peppermint scent and taste is really nice, and I much prefer a mint flavour lip balm to a fruity one. It feels really refreshing when applied, giving a slight tingly feeling, and a lingering scent of minty yumminess which I love.

I literally cannot sing this lip balm’s praises enough! I absolutely adore it! It’s a great product for such a low price, the only negative I can see is that it’s limited edition! I’m tempted to buy another just in case I lose it / for when it eventually runs out! I will definitely be buying the other flavours in the range too.

Have you tried the Peppermint A Great Kisser? What’s your favourite lip balm?


  1. This product looks gorgeous! The £5 price point is making me happy. Definitely picking one up!


    1. It's such a bargain! Definitely need to stock pile some of these! xx

  2. This sounds great for the winter especially. I love Soap & Glory but I've tried more of their skincare than their make up. I'd definitely try this though!


  3. I love the idea of a peppermint lip balm, sooo yummy and that way I might actually be able to survive without drinking peppermint hot chocolate :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. oh my goshness peppermint hot chocolate sounds amazing!! I also recommend Palmers Lip Butter - dark chocolate peppermint flavour - scrummy! xx

  4. i wanna try more soap and glory stuff and i do love mint... i have the choc mint palmers lip balm and oh em gee. amaze. xxx

    1. ahhh totally agree Catrine! It was my firm favourite before picking up this soap and glory bad boy! xx


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