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#OperationBlogger | Operation Christmas Child - My Shoe Box

Charity at Christmas

Last week I posted about #OperationBlogger, part of Samaritan's Purse UK's #OperationChristmasChild campaign, where you pack a shoe box of presents for an underpriveledged child. I have been busy shopping for all my gifts and wanted to share them with you all, before I take my shoe box to be shipped off.



I chose to pack for a girl aged between 10-14. I think this is quite a tricky challenge, as there can be a huge difference between girls these ages, but I have two younger cousins- Katie is 10, Sophie is 14, so I tried to keep them in mind when buying my gifts.

I got most of my bits and bobs from Primark and Superdrug, where they do some really great items really cheaply (so I could fill my box with as many goodies as possible!). I also got some stationary bits from Morrisons and some festive tissues from The Spirit of Christmas fair I went to last weekend. There are four categories of gifts, and Samaritan's Purse UK ask that you chose at least one item from each category. So here's what I chose:


Education gifts


Pencil sharpener
Heart shaped sticky notes
Glitter pen set


Hygiene gifts

Body puff
Hairbands (packaged to look like a lollipop)
Festive print tissues
Moisture cream soap

Toy gifts


Cuddly reindeer toy
One Direction games pack - includes sweets, games, a keyring, badges and cards

Other gifts


2 pairs of gloves
A pack of 4 bracelets
A canvas bag with fox print on
Festive sweets - marshmallow snowmen and mix jelly shapes

I also popped in a Christmas card, and my £3 donation slip, which means I'll be able to find out where in the world my shoebox gets sent to (I'll make sure I update you all too!)

It was really fun to go shopping for gifts, and it's great to know that I will help make a difference to an underprivileged child this Christmas. I really hope the girl who receives my box likes what I picked out for her! Overall I think I spent about £20, plus the £3 donation, and am really pleased with the quality and amount of gifts I got for this price. You can spend as much or as little as you like though- every little bit helps!


Now my shoebox is all wrapped and packed, and I've printed off the sticker to show who it's for, I'll be taking it to my nearest drop off point this afternoon. The final date for dropping off your shoeboxes is this Monday 18th November, so there's still time to make one if you'd like to get involved too! Here's the link to my previous post about the campaign, and the official website too-

Are you taking part in #OperationBlogger? Please send me your links below, I'd love to see what you bought!

xx emsypickle xx


  1. It's a really great box and you picked some awesome stuff!
    Andreea |

  2. What a lovely post and a great box! You will make a little girl very happy :) x

    1. Thanks! I hope so! I'll do a follow up post when I hear where in the world it got sent :) xx

  3. Oh wow, what an amazing thing to do! You chose a really great selection of presents for a little girl! I bet you feel so good knowing you're going to make a little girl this happy xx

    Gemma //

    1. Thanks Gemma! It was really fun, I love picking out presents for people, and it's definitely nice to know I'll help an underprivileged child this year :) xx

  4. That is really amazing, I wish I had known about this sooner, I would have definitely got involved!

    Kirsty x Rockit Style

    1. Ah never mind Kirsty, there's always next year! :) xx


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