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Happy National Sausage Week!

What a wonderful week eh?! I've been meaning to share my own designed screen printed bag for a while now, and thought when better to but during National Sausage Week! But how does a screen printed bag link to National Sausage Week I hear you cry?! Read on Pickles!

If you read my Liebster Award post, you'll know that I absolutely love sausages! (No euphenism jokes please!) They've been my favourite food since I was little, and I even named my favourite doll Sausages too (crazy child!) So when I went along to the amazing Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross for a "Make Your Own Screen Printed Bag" night, there was only ever one design I was going to choose! Now it's certainly not the neatest design ever (I never was very good at bubble writing!) But I do always get compliments whenever I use this bag! And it's so satisfying to be able to say I MADE IT :D

Drink, Shop & Do is a really great place to go in you're ever in King's Cross, London, with loads of events and activities, as well as a bar and a little shop (you see where their name comes from!) My friend suggested going to make screen printed bags, and it was perfect for a girlie evening! We drank cocktails from teacups whilst having a good old natter and experimenting with various designs. You draw your design on to a piece of paper, and then use scissors or a scalpel to cut out the relevant bits and pieces, and then take it up to the event organisers. They help you load it on to the screen printer and show you how to load the paint up and drag it across your bag and design. Where ever the paper is leaves the bag colour showing through, and the cut out bits get filled with ink and leave the design printed on the bag! Simples!

Once our bags had dried (and we'd all had another couple of drinks and a gossip) we were given instructions to take home as to how to waterproof our bags and set the designs in place (turn it inside out and iron beneath a tea towel!) Easy peasy!

It was such a nice way to catch up with friends and be a little creative, and I got a great unique bag too! I'd definitely recommend a trip to Drink, Shop & Do - it's fun for a girls night, a boys night (you can make Lego robots!!) and perfect for a hen do! Check out all their events here:

What do you think of my bag?


xx emsypickle xx



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