Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fashion | "Mimic Dance" Knee High Boots - Clarks

Classic Clarks, Beautiful Boots

What's the best thing about the miserable cold, rainy weather we've been having?! Its provided me with the perfect excuse to buy myself some new boots! Hurrah! And as winter is well and truly here, I thought  some new knee highs were in order! Enter these stunners I picked up from Clarks - the Mimic Dance boots.

Clarks shoes are synonymous with classic style, great fit and well made footwear. (It also make me remember the amazing machine contraption thing that used to be used to measure your feet when you were little! Loved that!) So when looking for some affordable and stylish boots, I headed straight to the Clarks website. The Mimic Dance boots jumped straight out at me - they seemed to tick all the boxes for a great pair of boots, and were 30% off, so only £74.99. Bootiful!

They're quite plain and simple rider style boots, with a gold buckled strap around the top. They really are classically designed, will never go out of fashion, and will go with a variety of outfits. They also feature very on-trend tartan lining, which adds a little bit of detailing, and extra bit of flair.

They're very comfortable, with padded sections where the balls of your feet sit. They also have a subtle zip on the inside leg to make them easy to slip on and off.

One thing to note about them however is they fit quite snugly around my calves. This is not something I usually have trouble with, so just something to be mindful of if you like to wear your boots with long thick socks!

Are you a fan of Clarks shoes and boots?

xx emsypickle xx


  1. These boots look gorgeous!


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