Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Midweek Manicure | Breaking Bad Inspired Mani using Models Own

Sparkly blue for Walter White

Whether you watch it or not, you probably haven't managed to escape all the excitement and drama over the final ever episode of Breaking Bad being shown this week. Gahhh!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! No spoilers here I promise, just some special Breaking Bad inspired nails!

Now if you haven't seen the show - first of all shame on you! Go watch it now :D (Seriously though, it's amazing - you should def give it a watch!) - the basic premise is a high school chemistry teacher (Walter White) is diagnosed with cancer and turns to cooking crystal meth with an ex-student (Jesse) in order to make money for his treatment. Walt and Jesse find themselves thrown into a world of unimaginable dangers and characters associated with the dark underworld of drugs production and we see how Walt battles his strong condemnation of drugs*, yet desperate need to make money for him and his family to survive, with what would appear to be his most successful chemical experiment to date. He turns out to be a pretty good cook, and makes meth so pure it is blue. So... cue my sparkly blue nails!

I used all Models Own products to create the look:

  • Dream Stream (blue base)
  • Jack Frost (white / blue flake middle layer)
  • Juicy Jules (silver glitter on the tips)

It was really simple - a double base of Dream Stream, which is a fab pearly royal blue. I then painted Jack Frost flakes from midway up the nail to add some blue and white shimmery particles. Then to finish off the icy crystal look I splodged the wonderfully sparkly Juicy Jules on to the tips.

I love Models Own as they have such a huge range of colours, textures and finishes which are great on their own or in combinations such as here to create fun, funky nail designs!

Have you been watching Breaking Bad?


xx emsypickle xx

*Like Walt, I am definitely against any kind of drug use - I just wanted a fun way to participate in the celebration of the show, so please don't take my sparkly blue nails as affirmation that drugs are cool or glamorous. They're not. (But Breaking Bad is!)


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