Friday, 25 October 2013

Fashion | New Ballet Shoes - Topshop

Ballerina beauties

I know I always go on about it, but I just adore nude coloured accessories! I can't help it, I just think they look so so nice, and always look classically chic. Whilst browsing the Topshop website the other day I saw THE CUTEST little velvet blush coloured ballet pumps (left below) and knew I had to have them! And, well you can never buy just one pair of shoes, so I got another pair of leather look nude ballet pumps too!


"Vent Metal Heel Pump" - £20

I am in love with these pumps! How cute are they?! They make me think of The Nutcracker ballet, and I think I will definitely be wearing these lots over Christmas! Velvet is very 'in' right now, but is a fabric I find hard to wear as it shows up every lump and bump, so these shoes are a great way to wear the trend. I also really like the metal detail on the heel, which makes them seem a little bit more hardy, and stops them looking exactly like slippers!




Marian Low Vamp Slipper - £18

These are a classic slipper shape, and so go well under trousers or skirts / dresses. I hate wearing ballet pumps in the rain as they just leave your feet sopping wet, so thought these would be good to provide a bit more of a barrier against the dreary London autumn weather, than other fabric based pumps. I really like the pebble effect leather look material but am a bit disappointed in the colour, as they are more salmon coloured than nude, so I'm not quite sure how wearable they will be with the other items in my wardrobe. These could potentially be returned. Or else, I'll just have to buy some new clothes to wear them with ;)


What do you think of my new shoes?

xx emsypickle xx



  1. I love the leather look ones! And not a bad price either! I love nude at the moment as the colour just seems to go with my wardrobe! :) x

    1. I know it's such an easy trend to wear. Good old Topshop :) xx

  2. I can't believe that both of them are from topshop! Love the nude trend at the moment also!


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