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Lifestyle | iTunes Festival - Ellie Goulding (22/09/2013)


New girl crush alert!

I finally won tickets to the iTunes Festival HURRAH!! I enter every year, but never win, so I was pretty excited to be given some this year to see Ellie Goulding at the Roundhouse on Sunday 22nd October. I’ve always thought of Ellie as pretty non-descript, a bit wishy washy and just “that one with the raspy voice.” and thought it would just be a pleasant but pretty samey gig. Oh my Jason Statham how wrong I was! She literally blew me away last night, at one of the best gigs I've ever been to!

With one of the most beautiful and unusual voices I’ve ever heard live, Ellie performed 18 songs in total – ranging from the melodic Joy to the up tempo I Need Your Love (which had the whole Roundhouse jumping on its feet). Throughout them all, the audience was permanently transfixed by the haunting beauty of Goulding’s voice. I Know You Care was particularly evocative for me and performed with such conviction and vulnerability as she told the audience “I wrote this about my dad. I don’t mind sharing that with you”. Ellie’s voice is really unique with a very pure tone, and is very powerful stripped back live. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig where every single note was reached perfectly.

The crowd (and Ellie) going mad to I Need Your Love

Ellie had so much energy on stage, dancing around,  playing the drum, self-synthesising and even rocking out the electric guitar during the ending of Burn in her encore. Her vivacity extended into the crowd who were loving every second. I was surprised how many people knew every word to her songs, and were clinging onto them as she sang. I just had no idea how popular Ellie Goulding was, she just seems to completely have passed me by, only really coming to light recently with her success of I Need Your Love with Calvin Harris and number 1 hit single Burn . I’m absolutely gutted I’ve missed out on her music up until now, and dashed straight home and downloaded both albums Lights and Halcyon to make up for lost time!

She was so lovely chatting to the crowd always asking “Is everyone ok down there? Not too hot? It’s very hot in here isn’t it? Make sure you stay hydrated!” which made everyone fall in love with her terribly british approach to popstardom! It also served to highlight the fact that she appears to be a very ordinary girl with a very extraordinary talent, and making her performance even more real and natural. No gimmicks here!  She also looked absolutely incredible! When I think of Ellie Goulding I picture her in a big natty sweater and leggings, nothing terribly remarkable or popstar about her. Not on Sunday! She came strutting out onto stage in gorgeous patterned parachute pants, and a black crop top, her long blonde hair tousled and textured with her trademark side fringe sweeping across her face – looking effortlessly cool and with the most toned stomach I’ve ever seen! She came back out for her encore having taken off the crop top, wearing a black sports bra / top, saying “It’s just so hot up here guys. Seriously!” much to the delight of the men in the audience!

Check out those stomach muscles! Fitspiration or what?!

Ellie Goulding’s iTunes Festival gig was absolutely stunning. She satisfied a diverse audience who was hanging on her every note as she delivered a wonderfully raw, haunting and powerful performance. Her energy was electric, delivery flawless and  personable approach honest and open, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable night out. Her heady mix of electro, pop and indie beats and soulful poignant lyrics make her live show exciting and the absolute opposite of “non-descript, washy-washy sameness" I was expecting. My only regret is that I’ve overlooked her talent for so long.


Are you an Ellie Goulding fan? Have you been to any of the iTunes Festival shows?


xx emsypickle xx

Set list
1.     Don’t Say a Word
2.     Halcyon
3.     Animal
4.     Starry Eyed
5.     Figure 8
6.     Hanging On / Wonderman
7.     Joy
8.     Explosions
9.     How Long Will I Love You
10.   I Know You Care
11.   Your Song
12.   My Blood
13.   Only You
14.   Under The Sheets
15.   Anything Could Happen
16.   Lights
17.   I Need Your Love
18.   Burn


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