Thursday, 15 August 2013

New shoes! Mouse ballet pumps from Primark

You're never too old for shoes with animal faces on right?! That's what I thought....

**Squeak** how cute are these mouse ballet pumps from the one and only Primark?! I LOVE them! I actually bought them last month but they got lost in the ridiculous mess that is my bedroom, so when I re-discovered them still in the bag with some other unworn wonders I was very excited! And when I tweeted a picture of them the other day, lots of you seemed to love them too, so I thought I'd give them their very own post!


They're such cute, simple beige ballet flats but jazzed up by the sweet little mouse face and GLITTERY EARS! I love a bit of glitter me! Whilst they're probably not the most professional pair of shoes in my wardrobe, I did wear them to work the other day and got many a compliment!

Mice on the Underground!

The beige colour and simple design makes them really wearable and a cute addition to any outfit. They're a pretty good dupe for the Marc by Marc Jacobs flats too, but are much kinder on the bank account as they only cost me £8! Bargain!


Would you wear mouse face shoes? What would you wear them with?


xx emsypickle xx


  1. Ahhh I love those shoes!! They're so cute! I'd definitely wear them on a casual basis. I reckon they'd look great worn with a pair of skinny jeans.

    1. Hi Linderella! I wore them with jeans on Friday and they looked adorable! Def my fave shoes right now! xx

  2. those are the cutest shoes ever!
    ive nominated your blog for the liebster award
    the blogpost is up on my blog
    i hope youll go check it out!!
    i love your blog especially the name!
    katie xx

    1. Hi Katie! Wow that's so exciting, thank you! Thanks I'll def go check it out now, I'm really pleased you like my blog! xx


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