Tuesday, 9 July 2013

30 Day Snap | Day 9 - Tennis Time!

Wimbledon Wannabe!

Today I decided it was time to don my trainers and get out and have a game of tennis! I used to play when I was younger (and was apparently quite good!) but then got older, discovered McDonalds and sitting around, and am now terribly unfit!! So, I decided that as the weather is so good and there's a tennis court by my work, I should channel my inner Kournikova and get playing!

Well my inner Kournikova is very, VERY well hidden haha! Think I'm definitely more Boris Becker...and probably more like Boris Johnson lol! Good "game" might be pushing it, but we had a really good time hitting the ball to each other, and seeing how big a volley we could get! I seem to have no problem hitting the ball, it's hitting it actually to the other player which is my downfall! My poor bf was running around all over the place trying to return the ball!

Never mind, it was a good little starter session and a fun way to get fit! As they say practice makes perfect. Wimbledon 2014 here I come.....!


Have you been inspired by Wimbledon to play tennis? What's your favourite way to keep fit?


xx emsypickle xx


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