Monday, 8 July 2013

30 Day Snap | Day 8 – Primark Haul

Always time for shopping!

So in between all the soaking up the sun, Wimbledon watching and festival fun this weekend I managed to take a little trip to Primark, and came back with quite a big bag!

I got…..

  • 3 x pairs of shoes
  • 3 x dresses
  • 2 x knee high tights
  • 1 x sunglasses case
  • 2 x sunglasses (actually from TK Maxx)

……And a partridge in a pear tree!

Phew! No wonder I needed a glass of Gin Pimms and lie in the sun after that lot!

The shoes are (almost) all sensible purchases - a pair of black pumps that will be great for work, the same pair in beige which will look cute with little summery skirts, and then a not-so-sensible-but-totes-adorbs pair of glittery eared mouse shoes :) Everyone needs a pair of novelty shoes every now and then!

The dresses are all the same style but different colours – a really nice shift dress in floaty fabric ideal for summer! I got one in cream, cream with a red woodland bird motif and my go-to colour navy.

Knee high tights – pretty standard, don’t need an explanation really! And the sunglasses case which I thought would be good to protect my non-prescription sunnies which are usually relatively cheap but still need to be looked after! The material is a thick kind of rubber which will stop the lenses from being scratched and hopefully be sturdy enough to offer some protection whilst they’re in my bag / if someone (*cough* me) sits on them, which definitely happens more than it should!

As I’d bought a sunglasses case, I thought it only right I nab me some new sunglasses to put in them! So I stopped by T K Maxx and got a pair of Steve Madden aviators and Storm Wayfarer-esque glasses for £12.99 each! Blinding (or not, hopefully!)

Have you been shopping for summer?

xx emsypickle xx


  1. Zomg that floral dress! It wants to be in my closet too!!

    These daily snaps keep reminding me that it's important for me to move to London for permanent!!

    1. YES IT IS!! That is my ulterior motive for this challenge ;) xx


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