Sunday, 7 July 2013

30 Day Snap | Day 7 - THE SATURDAYS!!!

Sunday is the new Saturday

I've literally had the best day ever! I went back to Hyde Park for the British Summer Time "Family Day Out" to see my fave girl band The Saturdays! I LOVE these girls!! They're my ultimate (not so) guilty pleasure! And did such a great set today!

I had a really fun girlie day in the park with 9 of my girlfriends (and one boyfriend who couldn't wriggle out of it!), soaking up the summer sun and having a good old gossip!

I was there mainly to see The Sats and wasn't dissappointed as they did a fab set, playing all their popular tunes including "Ego", "Higher", "What About Us" and new song "Gentlemen". They all had so much energy and paid lots of attention to the crowd, waving and reading out fans' banners! I hope they had as much fun performing as I did watching them!

Are you a fan of The Saturdays? How have you been enjoying the weekend's wonderful weather?

xx emsypickle xx

P.S - you can read my review of The Saturdays Headlines tour here - yes, today is the 3rd time I've seen them live!! I told you I loved them :)

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