Wednesday, 17 July 2013

30 Day Snap | Day 17 - New boots! ASOS Sale

Bargain Boots!

Oh dear, another day another post confirming my shopping addiction! Today my fabulous new boots I picked up in the ASOS sale arrived! Hurrah! Now some of you may think I'm mad for buying black leather boots in the middle of this heatwave the UK is experiencing, but they were too good a deal to pass up! 

They're real leather and have a really good thick sole, which is great for me as I always seem to ruin flat boots by scuffing the toes and wearing through till there's a hole. I love the silver riding ring detailing and they're a really wearable heel height. And best of all, they were only 30 POUNDS!!!!

I bought a really similar pair of boots from ASOS last winter and they're so versatile and comfy, I want to wear them all the time! However the inside lining has come unstuck and rucks down, meaning theyre not as soft and comfy on my feet as they once were. Cue beautiful new boots! I shall wear my new ones when the weather cools down, and keep my old pair for festivals! Excellent!

Have you bought anything in the ASOS sale?

xx emsypickle xx


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