Thursday, 4 July 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 4 - Happy Independence Day

Fourth of July Feast

To celebrate Independence Day my colleagues and I decided to treat ourselves to an all-American lunch and went to GBK to grab some burgers!

I had the Cheese & Bacon burger and being the fussy pickle that I am, asked for bbq sauce on the side, no tomato and added an onion ring for good measure (and good measure it was too, they gave me THREE!!) And here is the glorious end result:

It was AMAZING! a burger fit for a President! 

Now whilst being a Londoner through and through, I have a huge love for all things American, particularly having spent 2 summers working at an all-girls residential summer camp (the best thing I've ever done! EVER!). Celebrating the 4th of July was always a great experience at camp and so I always like to wish my many stateside friends a happy holiday, and celebrate in my own little way at home. 

And of course, I do love any excuse to eat a whopping great burger without feeling too guilty.....!

Have you done anything to mark Independence Day? Would you be interested in hearing more about my time at camp?


xx emsypickle xx


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