Monday, 29 July 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 29 - Indian Tempest at The Globe Theatre

Another lucky Twitter win!

On Friday I won another Twitter RT competition (Seriously July has been my lucky month! still no lottery win though...) and this time I got 2 tickets to the opening night of Indian Tempest at The Globe Theatre and a couple of free drinks! Excellent!

My cousin and I had a really lovely evening, walking along the River to the theatre and enjoying a couple of beers before the show started. We had great seats in the Upper Gallery giving us a clear view of all the wonderful goings on of this inventive and original adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest. 

I won't say any more here as I will do a full review shortly, but we had a really lovely evening and it was the perfect play to watch on a stormy night by the Thames!


Thanks for the tickets @swanabout


xx emsypickle xx