Sunday, 28 July 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 28 - My name's Emsy, and I'm a polishaholic


So many nail polishes, not enough fingers

So today I have been continuing with my quest from last weekend, going through all my bits and bobs to de-clutter and tidy up! I decided to have a look through my nail polish collection and see just how many I have, as I keep them all in a wicker basket and it's quite hard to keep track of exactly what's in there. And what is in there you ask?! A heck of a lot of polishes!!! 181 individual colours to be precise! 

I've split out the numbers of each brand below, let me know if you fancy any more detail!

This also made me think of a hilarious pic my friend sent me once which she said summed me up nicely!

And whilst you may think this would deter me from buying any more polishes, it's actually just made me realise the gaps in the market! I definitely need some more neon brights, a few more muted pastels, and of course, my quest for the perfect white polish continues!


How many nail polishes do you have?


xx emsypickle xx

Here's my break down of brands:

44 x Models Own
22 x Nails Inc
20 x Barry M
8 x O.P.I
8 x Nicole by O.P.I
7 x No7
6 x M.U.A
4 x Beauty UK
10 x 2true
7 x Rimmel
2 x Sleek
2 x Miss Sporty
2 x Collection 2000
1 x Kiko
2 x Accessorize
5 x L.A. Colors
1x Zoya
1x Missguided
2 x H&M
1 x Gold by Giles
1 x Maxfactor
1 x Revlon
1 x Natural Collection
1 x Aldo
1 x G
1 x Star Gazer
2 x Illamasqua
1 x Gosh
2 x N.Y.C 
1 x Sally Hansen
1 x M&S
1 x Maybelline
2 x 17
10 x Nails Supreme


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