Thursday, 25 July 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 25 - H&M Sale Haul

I'm a sucker for a sale

Wahoo my H&M Sale order has arrived! I've been very excited about this! I picked up 3 new blazers each for less than £20, a gorgeous (and huge!) scarf for £6 and a fabulous pair of pink sparkly pumps for £4!! Oh you can't beat an H&M Sale!

I'd seen the lemon blazer aaaaaaages ago, but didn't want to spend £35 on it at the time, and thought I'd wait until the sale and if it was reduced then it is meant to be! And guess what?! It was obviously meant to be! And reduced down to £15 it's over half price off - my patience paid off! I'd also seen the trainers aaaaages ago in the Camden branch but there was a huge queue and I didn't have time to wait. When I went back to buy them a couple of weeks later they were all sold out! But again I got lucky in the online sale, huzzah!

I saw the black and cream blazers whilst perusing the website and they were a snap at only £17 each. I think the black and silver may be slightly too jazzy for me and I may end up returning it, but I LOVE the cream version! It just looks so lovely and classy, with gorgeous golden thread detailing and a nice structured silhouette, it looks a lot more expensive than £17. The scarf was another glorious find and was only £6! I love the bold black and white geometric print which also has a cool aztec feel to it. It's really large and quite thick, so will keep me nice and warm when the winter comes! It will also be great for festivals this summer - big enough to sit on during the day and cosy enough for warming up in the evening.


Have you picked anything up in the H&M sale?


xx emsypickle xx


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