Wednesday, 24 July 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 24 - Broken bag :(

A bag for life....or not!

I accidentally broke one of my favourite bags today :( sob sob! It was at the bottom of my wardrobe housing lots of my shoes, and as I went to pull it out the handle got caught on something and it ripped all down one seam NOOOOOO!!

As I posted before, I am a terrible hoarder because I love the memories all of my clothes, shoes, bags etc hold. I got this bag in December 2007 whilst travelling around Australia and spend Christmas in Byron Bay. It was a really great experience, spending Christmas Day having a BBQ and pool party with everyone else in our hostel and this bag always reminds me of that. And of course, I love the pretty rainbow and dolphin design, and it also encompasses the laid back, hippy-ish vibe of Byron Bay.

I can't quite bring myself to throw this bag away (I know, I'm terrible!) so think I will cut out the image panel and put it in a frame on my bathroom wall, so I can still enjoy it's pretty picture and the memories it holds :)


Are you a hoarder like me? Please say I'm not the only one!!!


xx emsypickle xx

P.S - If anyone knows where I can buy this again please do let me know!! xx


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