Tuesday, 2 July 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 2 - New books

Bonkbuster book club!

Very excited today as I got not one but TWO new books! I love reading, and mostly go for a good lighthearted dose of chicklit or a bold bonkbuster! With the summer finally here in London (pleeeeeaaasseeee stay sunny!) I thought I'd treat myself to a good beach read (even if I will more likely be reading it on the tube!)

I've recently discovered Tilly Bagshawe's books and love how engaging they are! I literally can't put them down, and have read "Fame", "Friends and Rivals" and "Scandalous" all in quick concession. I ordered "Adored" from Amazon as a payday treat, and was so excited to find it had been delivered today. I can't WAIT to read it! Keep your eyes peeled for a review coming here soon!

I also grabbed myself this week's "Pick of the Week" voucher from Starbucks when getting a peppermint tea this morning and was delighted to see it was Victoria Fox's AMAZING "Temptation Island". I read this book last summer in Morocco having borrowed it from the library and really enjoyed it! I'm thrilled to be given a free copy and can't wait to read it again! Thanks Starbucks! 
Def go grab yours tomo!


Are you a fan of chicklit / bonkbusters? Do you have any good books you can recommend me?

 xx emsypickle xx

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