Thursday, 11 July 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 11 - Date night - Byron Burger Camden Town


2 burgers in 1 month, July is going well! ;)

We had planned to go to a bbq tonight but it got cancelled boo! Having set our hearts on some classic bbq food, the BF and I decided to head into Camden and treat ourself to a Byron burger!

I never used to be a fan of burger restaurants, thinking of burgers as something I'd only normally eat at a bbq or McDonalds, but after my AMAZING GBK burger on 4th July my opinion has changed!

And I think my Byron Burger was even better!

I went for the Byron Burger which was a cheese and bacon burger, cooked medium-well, with lettuce, red onion and special Byron sauce - DELICIOUS! Tony had the same and we decided to be real little piggies and share sides of fries, onion rings AND coleslaw. Well, it is a Thursday afterall!

What's your favourite burger restaurant?

xx emsypickle xx


  1. That is one handsome burger :)

    1. Haha! It was delicious! The onion rings were amazing too, they have the best sides there, want to go back and try the courgette fries!

  2. One of my favourite burger places is GBK! It's probably a crime but in the two years that I've lived in London I've never been to Byron Burger! That burger looks delicious so I will definitely have to try it!

    I found you via the BloggersBunch Summer Blog Hop!
    Following you via bloglovin' and twitter
    Be sure to check my blog out :)


    1. Thanks Tamsyn-Elizabeth! Def try out Byron Burger, although it's a chain it is really good! I want to try Meat Liquor next! I'm going to check out your blog now! Really enjoying the blog hop and meeting lots of new bloggers and discovering new blogs!:)


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