Thursday, 13 June 2013

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Viva Forever!...or not! 

So you've probably heard that Viva Forever! has been cut short, finishing its run at the Piccadilly Theatre after just over 6 months.  I went along to see for myself to see why. Afterall, a musical written by Jennifer Saunders based on the music of the Spice Girls can only be amazing right?!

Oh Mama, how wrong I was.

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Now I feel I shouldn't actually be allowed to blog a review of this "show" as I actually left during the interval. Seriously, it was that bad. And I've never left any play before. Ever. But it's my blog and I can do what I Wanna(be). 

Whilst I was ready for Girl Power, glitzy outfits, and a whole lot of spangly, glorious tackiness (that's a good thing!) what I wasn't ready for was recycled jokes, bland characters and terrible singing! Seriously. It was bad! In fact the most exciting thing about the show were my Girl Power inspired manicure! (More on that here).

The storyline (well what I saw of it!) was mediocre and dated, whereby a girl group of four teenagers enter a TV singing contest. This premise is so overdone now, with even X Factor itself being axed after this year's final 10th series, I fail to see how putting on a stage show based around it is a good idea. The acting was fairly average (other than the blonde Essex judge who was an amazing charicature of Kate Thornton) and the characters were unimaginative and unlikeable. The two mum characters were literally like watching a poor man's version of Ab Fab's Patsy and Eddie.

Viva Forever! reminded me of a bad school play where the kids have basically capitalised on existing pop culture references and gags but executed them poorly, and whilst the actors are loving their in-jokes, the audience are bored and unstimulated, wishing they had stayed at home watching the originals.

So I advise don't be swayed by all the ridiculously cheap ticket deals floating around - don't Say You'll Be There, stay at home and Spice Up Your Life with a cup of tea and rich tea biscuit watching Ab Fab instead. Save your money and dont let your love of the Spice Girls and Jennifer Saunders be tarnished by this Wannabe spectacular.


Sorry, I'll Stop right now.... Sorry! 

Have you seen Viva Forever!? What did you think?

xx emsypickle xx

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